Waste Hub library

This waste hub library is intended to provide a useful resource for those wishing to access information relevant to the campaign.

8 September 2015:  Report CAB/SE/15/050 considered by Cabinet Committee. Recommends a further 6-week pre-application consultation and expenditure of £108,000

28 July 2015:   exchange of correspondence with John Griffiths, Leader of the Council, requesting details of the further sites to be evaluated

26 July 2015:   article published in the August 2015 issue of The Bugle following the decision of Borough Councillors not to approve the recommendations of Cabinet report CAB/SE/15/024

23 July 2015:   Report CAB/SE/15/024 approved by Cabinet Committee on 7 July 2015 but rejected by full Council on 23 July 2015. This turned down further pre-application consultation on the Hollow Road Farm site and refused expenditure of £98,000

27 March 2015:  Frequently asked questions about the West Suffolk Operational Hub with answers supplied by West Suffolk

20 March 2015:  Parish Council leaflet encouraging residents to oppose the siting of a new operational hub at Hollow Road Farm

27 February 2015: Parish Council letter alerting residents to the Borough Coucil's consultation ending on 6 April 2015

24 February 2015: A briefing paper produced by Stweve Palfrey, Head of Waste, outlining the Borough Council's business case for a West Suffolk Operational Hub

10 February 2015:  Report CAB/SE/15/015 This report identifies Hollow Road Farm as the preferred site for a West Suffok Operational Hub

30 June 2014:  Report F51 The original report recommending a maximum of £100,000 to secure land for waste depot and to resource project delivery

Please see below the Parish Council's response to the latest public consultation regarding the West Suffolk Operational Hub

Waste Hub library

The Parish Council has sought to provide a comprehensive library of resources relating to the West Suffolk Operational Hub.
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