Waste Hub press releases

These press releases are intended to provide a useful resource for those wishing to access information relevant to the campaign.

7 June 2016: Final Press Release

2 September 2015:  Councillors to consider further consultation on West Suffolk Operational Hub (West Suffolk)

16 June 2015:  West Suffolk Operational Hub - next steps (West Suffolk)

27 March 2015:  Consultation extended on proposed new waste site (West Suffolk)

4 March 2015:  Consultation on a new site to deal with waste (West Suffolk)

4 February 2015:  Next step for potential shared operational hub (West Suffolk)

Please see below the Parish Council's response to the latest public consultation regarding the West Suffolk Operational Hub

Waste Hub library

The Parish Council has sought to provide a comprehensive library of resources relating to the West Suffolk Operational Hub.
You can access these resources by visiting the pages indicated in the grey navigation bar above